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About the vaccine

Course: The course consists of two doses.

How it is given: The Chicken Pox vaccine consists of an injection usually given in your upper arm.

Side effects: You may experience temporary side effects such as headache, fever and soreness at the injection site. In some cases it can cause a mild chickenpox like rash.

Children: The vaccine is suitable for children over the age of 9 months.

Age Restriction: The chickenpox vaccine is suitable for patients from 9 months of age up to the age of 65. It is only recommended if you have not had chickenpox.

Pregnant Women: This vaccine is not suitable for pregnant women or women who are trying for a baby.


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Chicken Pox is a common illness caused by a virus. People usually get it in childhood, but adults who haven’t had it can get it too. It causes an itchy rash and fever, but it usually goes away within a week and is not dangerous.

The Chicken Pox vaccine contains a weakened version of the virus that causes Chicken Pox. When you have the vaccine, your body will learn how to protect you from the virus. So, if you get Chicken Pox again, your body will already know how to protect you from it.

Adults below 65 and children over 9 months: It is usually injected into the upper arm.

You need two doses to be protected and the second dose should be given at least four but no later than eight weeks after you have received your initial dose. Once you have completed the course, you won’t need further boosters.

The vaccine might make your skin red and sore where it was injected. Sometimes, it can also cause a minor rash. Around 1 in 10 children and 1 in 10 adults who get vaccinated may experience this. Don’t worry, this rash cannot be passed on to others and should go away quickly.

We provide you with certificates for Yellow Fever and Meningitis ACWY vaccinations. We give administration records for the rest.

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