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About the vaccine

When to get vaccinated: In order to complete the full course in time, you need to get the first dose at least one month before travel.

Course: The course consists of three doses. The second injection is given 1 month after the first, and the third injection should be given 5 months after the second (completing the course in six months).

Accelerated course: If travelling at short notice, you may be able to get an accelerated course. You will receive the second injection after seven days, followed by the third injection at least 14 days after the second.

Boosters: Once you have completed the course, you usually won’t need another booster for five years. Boosters are sometimes recommended after exposure to the disease.

How it is given: The Hepatitis B vaccine consists of an injection usually given in your upper arm or thighs depending on the age.

Side effects: You may experience temporary side effects such as headache, tiredness and soreness at the injection site.

Children: The vaccine can be given from birth.

Treatment if you contract Hepatitis B: There is no specific treatment for acute Hepatitis B.  

People who develop chronic infection may require treatment with medication. Treatment does not cure the infection but controls it so that the risk of liver disease and liver cancer is reduced.


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Hepatitis B infection is caused by exposure to the Hepatitis B virus which is found in blood and bodily fluids. The virus is most commonly spread during travel through sex, contaminated medical equipment, blood transfusions or needle sharing (including tattooing, body piercing and acupuncture).  Worldwide the most common mode of transmission is from an infected mother to her baby at birth.

Symptoms of Hepatitis B might include:

  • Mild temperature (fever) and/or flu like symptoms
  • Stomach upset
  • Feeling or being sick (nausea/vomiting)

Travellers are particularly at risk if they have an accident and require medical treatment in a country with a high incidence of hepatitis B and a health care system with limited resources. In these circumstances, injections might be re-used or blood transfusions may not be screened for hep B. The hepatitis B vaccine helps prevent infection and protects you in case of such an emergency.

Hepatitis B is also transmitted during sexual intercourse. If you have sexual intercourse during your travels, always ensure you use a condom to prevent transmission. Avoid procedures which involve piercing your skin, such as tattooing and acupuncture.

All children born in the UK after 1 August 2017 should receive hepatitis B vaccine as part of the routine UK vaccination schedule.

Adults and newborn: It is usually injected into the upper arm or thigh.

Regular Course:

  • First injection – now
  • Second injection – 1 month after first injection
  • Third injection – 6 months after first injection


Accelerated Course:

  • First injection – now
  • Second injection – 1 month after first injection
  • Third injection – 2 months after first injection
  • Fourth injection – 12 months after first injection

If you’re at high risk of Hepatitis B, then you’ll need a booster jab 5 years after primary immunisation.

Testing for evidence of immunity after vaccination is not routinely recommended, except those in certain groups. In those at risk of occupational exposure, particularly healthcare and laboratory workers, antibody levels should be checked one to two months after the completion of the full vaccination course.

We provide you with certificates for Yellow Fever and Meningitis ACWY vaccinations. We give administration records for the rest.

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